Viumi selfie is a portable system delivered in one suitcase and capable of creating images that literally give you the bigger picture. viumi is created by a short interactive video clip that starts with a close-up shot programmed to then zoom out 150m revealing the panoramic scenery of the destination. viumi allows visitors of a scenic location to capture both themselves and the stunning backdrop. The result is memorable and novel. It offers media content that no smartphone could rival.

Zooming out of the paronamic result.

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Markets that it serves result.

  • City Marketing
  • Amusement Parks
  • Festivals
  • Events
  • Cruise Ships
  • Special Spot

How does it work?

Viumi is the solution for the selfie that fits the modern consumer’s demand. With viumi we help you sell more photos and videos and drive online awareness of your special destination or spot. Any TapeMyDay system at its core shares the same high-quality approach to image acquisition and image processing. With exact configurations varying per application and user requirement, the below describes the viumi principle workflow:

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Viumi revolutionises the selfie. A closed circuit handles triggering and capturing. First step is to determine the optimum location for the camera, defining the standing place by means of a spot on the floor and then position the trigger for the selfie. We configure the video to your satisfaction so that the content is now ready to be distributed online by either your visitors or guests. Below is a visual representation of the viumi system.

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