Viumi Selfie Box allows guests to record a fun message. The topic of the video could be an interviewing question which is shown on the screen.

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Private Island Zipline

For a client building a zipline course on a private island, we were asked to cooperate in finding the optimal filming spots for our TapeMyDay products. The remote nature of the island and the ongoing construction process made it difficult to pilot the necessary camera angles and positions.

In order to provide the best possible support, TapeMyDay developed a custom Unity3D application that could simulate the placing and viewing of different cameras in order to test out the different potential filming spots. By rendering the customer venue as a 3D landscape and combining it with customer blueprints of the zipline, one is able to fly around in real-time, placing virtual cameras to anticipate and preview possible filming locations.

Through an iterative process with the customer using our software, we found and visualized a set of great filming spots that formed the start of our collaboration and the integration of TapeMyDay products at the customer venue. The use of the camera visualizer accelerated and augmented the design process.

TapeMyDay Private Island Zipline TapeMyDay Private Island Zipline

Self Service Sales Kiosk

For a client operating a cruise liner, we installed our TapeMyDay products to capture exciting guest experiences. As part of our deployment, we installed our camera and triggering mechanisms on the customer’s cruise ship. The customer had expressed their wish for a fully self-contained media content delivery unit that additionally included payment integration with the customer’s own sales system. This challenge was answered by TapeMyDay by designing and building a completely integrated self-service sales kiosk.

The self-service sales kiosk is a one-stop-shop experience which can be used by guests and staff to preview and buy media recorded at the customer venue, which can then be offloaded by that same kiosk to compatible media carriers, like USB sticks or PIM cards. This offered a unique experience to the cruise ship’s guests by combining media previewing, order creation, itemized billing and content delivery contained within a single kiosk unit.

TapeMyDay Private Island Zipline TapeMyDay Private Island Zipline

Media Templating Service

As TapeMyDay, we also offer media processing services which we make available to the client through mobile and computer applications or as cloud-hosted services. Our Templating App is one of our service-oriented products which can be used by venues already generating and delivering some form of media to customers and want to augment this experience. The Templating App provides an easy-to-use editor which is used to create fun and varied video or photo templates for use with the media you create. Possibilities include adding moving backgrounds to images, photo collages, video compilations and much more.

Using the photos and videos you supply, our systems generate new and exciting media according to the templates you defined for them, allowing for endless creativity and variety in the end media you can generate for your customer!

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TapeMyDay Private Island Zipline
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