2 Camera Viumi Story is ideal to tell a mini-story, such as a zipline departure and arrival. Camera shots are captured and stitched together compiling the perfect story of your day.

Capture a story.

For a client operating a cruise liner, we installed our TapeMyDay products to capture exciting guest experiences. As part of our deployment, we installed our camera and triggering mechanisms on the customer’s cruise ship. The customer had expressed their wish for a fully self-contained media content delivery unit that additionally included payment integration with the customer’s own sales system. This challenge was answered by TapeMyDay by designing and building a completely integrated self-service sales kiosk.

The self-service sales kiosk is a one-stop-shop experience which can be used by guests and staff to preview and buy media recorded at the customer venue, which can then be offloaded by that same kiosk to compatible media carriers, like USB sticks or PIM cards. This offered a unique experience to the cruise ship’s guests by combining media previewing, order creation, itemized billing and content delivery contained within a single kiosk unit.

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