Viumi Selfie visits Château Neercanne in Maastricht!

Recently our team created a personalised viumi selfie of the Château Neercanne team. Early morning the vibrant team came together on the terrasse of the castle to wave to the world. In the background the team was backed by one of the most beautiful panoramic backgrounds of Maastricht and the Netherlands.

Viumi zooms out 150m assuring to get instantly the bigger picture of the environment and allowing to share it right away on all social media. We like to thank Pierre Haenen and his team for their hospitality and we look forward to pursue our cooperation with the entire Oostwegel Collection.

Interested to get your team on a viumi selfie. Please contact our colleague Oana Cipca or call us on telephone +31 6 18 57 98 89!

About Château Neercanne

As the only terraced castle in The Netherlands, Château Neercanne commands panoramic views across the Jeker Valley and straddles two countries – Belgium and The Netherlands. Renowned for its Restaurant Château Neercanne and popular lunch spot l’Auberge, it also houses a network of Marl Caves, offering a unique venue for large parties and celebratory gatherings. Definetly worth to pay it a visit whenever you are in Maastricht.